5 Pro-Tricks to Make Your cut Flowers Last Longer

Keeping your cut flowers fresher is often an uphill task, but that shouldn’t be your most immense adversity nonetheless. If the ordinary doesn’t seem to work, a paradigm shift to using wittier ways to lengthen the span of your flowers can come in handy. Fair to say, you still have a chance to surprise your loved ones with flower gifts even as their graduations and weddings seem long due. Here are the pro-tricks to keep your cut flowers fresher for longer.

1. Hair Spray Treatment

Hair spray can clog the stomata openings and prevent quick transpiration that dehydrates your new flowery friends. That helps balance it with water uptake, which is usually slower; therefore, it keeps your flowers fresher for longer. Once you buy your freshly cut flowers from any of Singapore’s recommended florists, put them right away in water to minimize the transpiration. Stand about a foot away to properly spray your flowers and spurt the spray on the leaf undersides and petals.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

A mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and the same amount of sugar can keep your flowers longer. However, add the mixture into a vase that’s about three-quarters of water before adding cut flowers from any Singapore’s recommended florist. However, be sure to change the water at least every two days since vinegar can promote bacterial growth. 3. Adding Some Vodka to The Vase

Bacteria inside the vase and in the water can make your flowers look less fresh as the days go by. That means they’ll lose their glitter and become a nuisance to the eyes. Vodka has antibacterial capabilities and usually suppresses their growth and development not to quicken flower wilting. Nevertheless, change the water every two days while adding more vodka drops.

4. Dropping Some Aspirin

Aspirin has the prowess to alleviate pain in humans but can be helpful when you need your flowers to stay longer. Like vodka, aspirin also can suppress bacterial growth and development, which works perfectly fine in keeping your cut flowers fresher. Just crush a few aspirin tablets and add them to a vase with water before putting your cut flowers from any Singapore’s recommended florist inside. Also, remember to change the water every two days to keep your as fresh as possible.

5. Throwing a few Coins Inside

Adding a few copper coins in the vase hampers bacterial growth that cuts your flowers’ lifespan short. Copper coins alter the water’s PH, making it too acidic for bacteria to survive. You can also add a sugar cube to the water to bolster the copper coins’ action. Since copper doesn’t contain organic compounds, you can let the water stay in the vase a day longer before changing it.


Nothing feels head-spinning than keeping your cut flowers fresh longer. While that ensures the best bang of your dollar, it isn’t usually as easy as ABC since cut flowers tend to wither and lose their glitter quickly. However, these few pro-tips will help keep your flowers fresh for long before going bad.