Four Tips For Choosing Wedding Floristry

One of the pressing issues in the midst of the wedding season is how to arrange a wedding. Flowers act as an integral part of all celebrations, so it is so important to understand what kind of floristry is suitable for decoration. How to arrange compositions and make complete installations in the ceremony area, hall, on tables, and how to make a bridal bouquet are some of the things that florists can help you with. At, you will get all types of flowers for your needs.

1. General concept and your wishes

Initially, you need to start from the general concept, so when you already know the general style of the wedding, it becomes easier to choose flowers: depending on the theme and scenario, these can be either orchids and dianthus, or cacti and succulents, or, for example, coniferous branches.

If there is no clear concept and theme, then you probably have your favorite varieties and colors of plants – this is also an important point, the opportunity to surround yourself on this day with what you really love because everyone has different tastes: someone prefers wildflowers, and someone something exotic.

2. Seasonality of plants

As a rule, in summer, florists and decorators work with rose, hydrangea, peony and other garden flowers. In winter, these are flowers of colder shades and smoother textures – not multi-petalled, but more uniform. Amaryllis is suitable for winter and off-season – there are many varieties, orchids are also a winter flower.

It is better to order flowers approximately a month in advance and, of course, remember about seasonality. Although it is advisable that you choose one of two diametrically opposite options: work either with seasonal colors or with those that are not at all typical for this period. Such plants will be a rather bold decision and will allow you to make summer in winter and winter in summer, this significantly increases the cost and complicates the process, but if you want to surprise your guests, then sometimes it’s worth the risk. You will find affordable flowers for both winter and summer.

3. Attention to detail

In wedding floristry, as well as in decor in general, there are two main directions: minimalism and eccentric eclecticism. But even complex flower arrangements should look natural, for example, due to slight negligence and asymmetry. Therefore, when choosing flowers for tables or for a bridal bouquet, you should immediately determine what is closer to you: voluminous forms and bright colors or restraint and monotony. The wedding bouquet is chosen according to the dress and even the figure of the bride, the type of her face, the color of her skin and eyes. The shape of the bouquet the choice of colors and shades will depend on this.

4. Between originality and classic

First of all, you should check with florists what flowers are currently relevant, taking into account seasonality, and ask them to show varieties suitable for your concept. If you are doing a themed wedding, for example, in a palace, and you want the floral arrangement to be very original and bright, then you should stick to this idea throughout the decor. There is another option – if you want purity and style and do not try to play with eclecticism (and this requires a delicate taste and a special approach to working with the material).

In a nutshell, the above four points will guide you in choosing the best flower services. Choosing your flowers will keep you encouraged and happy.