Hiring the Best Secretarial Service for Your Corporation

Are you looking for the best corporate secretarial service provider to ensure full compliance and statutory filing needs in Singapore? Indeed, your company needs the best service providers in all sectors for its need to prosper in this competitive world. Having a qualified person as your corporate secretary buys you proof of your company to maintain long-term registers.

Whether you’re running a big, medium, or small corporation, you need a secretary from Chartsworth to help you manage the amount of paperwork that could potentially slow the company’s activities if not well managed.

Why choose Corporate Secretarial Services

The role and responsibilities of a business secretary vary, and the person must have developed adaptation of handling of files according to the company’s law. Throughout the business’s production process and other activities, the secretary has to be in touch to keep track of records. Failure to have a competent corporate secretary may put your company at risk of losing important files and information. Such risks can be avoided by choosing corporate secretaries from the Chartsworth company; why?

A guarantee of Statutory Registers maintenance

As a requirement, every company in Singapore must maintain a particular register by The Singapore Companies Act(SCA). These records are referred to as Statutory Registers and are considered the company’s administrative documents, which must be kept as official records. Therefore, as a legal requirement, there is a need for proper updating and maintenance. With Chartsworth’s skilled personnel, you will get the right corporate secretarial services.

On-time preparation of Notice and Agenda of company’s meetings

The members and stakeholders of the company will be receiving notice at the right time. As well, the agendas will be prepared at the right time.

Monitoring the abiding of the company’s constitution

There will be a follow-up on abiding by the constitution laws of the organization by the company, its members, officials, and directors all the time.

A guarantee of the company’s custody seal

Choosing secretarial services from Chartsworth for your corporate guarantees you keeping the company’s seal at right and safest custody. There will also be a good position to use the seal on documents when needed.

Proper preparation of minutes of the company’s meeting

Your company needs and will rely much on what was discussed in the previous meetings. Therefore, the information should be prepared and structured well for clarity in the future. Therefore, choosing the secretarial personnel from Chartstone guarantees good minutes preparation and keeping of the record.

Ensuring the right insurance cover of the company

Secretaries from Chartsworth company are skilled and know the adequate insurance cover that fits your company. It stays in place for the organization, its officers, directors, staff, and office.

A guarantee of maintaining their client’s corporate identity

All company entity numbers and names will be stated on all official correspondence, including business letters and notices.


If you want your corporation to stay updated on documentation organizing, there is a lot to benefit from if you choose Chartsworth corporate secretarial services. The secretarial services providers from this company are more equipped to ensure the company’s registers and other sensitive files are kept in the right conditions. Visit https://chartsworth.com.sg/secretary/ and learn more about who can help you improve the keeping of the company’s Registers and prepare AGM required documents.