How do you know your secretarial agency is worth hiring

If you’re in business, you already know you can’t do every required task for your business all on your own. It may be hard to recognize, but you must be able to determine what tasks you can do, and what you can’t For any task you can’t do, you need to hire (employee) or procure contracted service (other business or freelancer).


One of the common tedious tasks businesspersons typically outsource is secretarial duties. The options are many, but not all useful. You may wish to employ someone full-time, but not want the task of seeking out just the right talent. Then, having gone through the process, if you still don’t have your needs entirely met, you end up settling. If you choose to freelance, a lot of the burden of payroll and benefits are eliminated; but how will you know that a contract will be worth your while? Here, we will show you how to expertly pick a freelancer for this part of running your business.

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1   Business honesty and integrity

In contracting professional services, you would want to deal in a professional manner. You are not expected to train; the contracted business must be able to adapt to your needs and complete the work as per your instructions. If they are well-versed in their discipline, this should take a lot of the stress off you, as you only must wait for the completion of the gig. Agreed invoices followed through will be paid promptly and happily.


2   Knowledgeable

If you were hoping to hire a full-time secretary, you would ask for relevant credentials. It boggles the mind sometimes why buyers of freelance services often skip this step. There may be times a contractor comes so highly recommended in every way you can think of, that you feel confident it’s a perfect match. You may get lucky in this regard, but it won’t hurt asking to see the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certificate. This will prove to you that your contractor has attained a professional level of education and is among the top talent in the profession. An alternative certification would be the Microsoft Office Specialist.


3   Value for money

This point is tricky to navigate. For sure, you don’t want to spend more than necessary for adequate work but looking for the cheapest service is definitely not called for. The cheapest may be that because they are inexperienced or untalented; on the other hand, they may not have a great need for high prices if their schedule is consistently full. And the opposite is also true! Therefore, this point, while valid, should be the last criteria you compare possible candidates by. If you find the best option after deciding on the first two factors is still priced out of reach for your business, it is suggested you make room for it in your budget. There really is no point in going with cheaper and non-producing; you may end up spending that same amount to fix something that was preventable. One thing you can do to eliminate a do-over is to research market rates. It’s good to start middle of the spectrum, all other things being equal.



These tips are in no way an exhaustive list of to-dos, but it’s a start. Make yourself a short list of good, honest administrative professionals that are budget friendly. Once you tryout one, you can always tweak your requirements. You will eventually find the B2B service that you can gel with, and both your businesses will come out smiling!